ULTRA VEDIC™ Pain Relief Patch

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    ULTRAVEDIC Transdermal Pain Relief Patch provides relief to targeted areas that suffer from musculoskeletal pain and inflammation. It uses refreshing, low-odor ingredients that ease the pain for up to 8-12 hours upon placement. ULTRA VEDIC features a simple-to-apply delivery system, ensuring it is discreet and comfortable under clothes.



      • Menthol 7% — Topical Analgesic
      • Wintergreen Oil 7% — Topical Analgesic
      • Camphor 7% — Topical Analgesic





        Menthol can decrease the sensation of pain. It has immediate analgesic properties which prevent nerve stimuli from pain receptors. It is additionally a counter-irritant and increases circulation in peripheral blood vessels, hence decreasing inflammation and swelling.

        Eucalyptus Oil

        Eucalyptus oil acts as an analgesic and an anti-inflammatory, thus alleviating musculoskeletal discomfort and inflammation. It improves blood circulation to the muscles for faster relief.





        1 to 2 patches can be applied to the affected area in a day.

        Ensure that the skin is dry and clean. Peel off a part of the protective liner.

        Install the patch over the pain afflicted area and remove rest of the liner.

        Lightly press the patch along the edges to ensure proper pasting.